It is no coincidence that the serpent (a symbol of Satan) should figure so prominently in objects of worship in old religions, for they are his babies.

[HERE IS AN EXTRACT from my recent 212-page book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order” (now on v.1.8). In a discussion concerning the role that psychedelic drugs has played in the furtherance of the New World Order, I inserted an “Excursus” (sidebar exposition) about “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present”. I present that section to you here (in its context) as a taster for the book which, as you will see here, involves dealing with many subjects more than the CIA’s New World Order antics. You will find a free download link to the book at the foot of this extract]

THE USE OF PSYCHEDELICS falls neatly within the province of the sorcerer, who essentially indulges in black magic, the dark arts; though — true to demonic strategy — it all masquerades as being beneficial. It is no coincidence that the Koine Greek word for sorcery or magic arts is φαρμακεία, pharmakeia, from where our word “pharmacy” is derived. This word-origin goes back to the common use of drugs as potions for trance possession, the casting of spells, and other activities in the pantheon of the dark arts. What we are dealing with in all this LSD mind-control business is diabolical sorcery plain and simple — dark arts by numbers for the masses. It masquerades as being spiritually beneficent, but in reality it is a deception designed to induce people into a satanic web of intrigue and, ultimately, insanity — although that insanity does not have to mean a psychiatric diagnosis and hospitalization, for it can also simply refer to being under the control of the demonic realm.

This sorcerous aspect of hallucinogens makes one wonder why conspiracy character, David Icke, should be promoting “Ayahuasca Healing Retreats” which encourage people to ingest one of the most potent psychoactive substances known to humanity and to engage in remote viewing techniques, as used by the CIA. [See . For Icke’s comments on Remote Viewing, see . I will be saying more about Remote Viewing in Part 9 of the book]. This is the way that disinformation and deception operate today — especially in regard to how Icke pulls conspiracy-minded people into his web of neo-Gnosticism, shape-shifting “lizard-people” (a cheap and kitsch parody of genuine demons) and shamanism and deludes them into believing that they can change the world into some kind of utopia. And all this, despite his false prophecies that there would be cataclysmic pole-shifts in the 1990s and that the world would end in 1997! [Sidenote: It is a tragedy that so many who wake up to the conspiratorial nature of life on this planet get ‘nobbled’ by shill neo-Gnostic occultists such as David Icke, thus drawing them away from the genuine spiritual truths which lie behind all this dark activity and pulling them deeper into the rabbit warren of darkness masquerading as light. This is why merely calling oneself a “Truther” is so inadequate in terms of the profound perception of truth. At best, it is only a stepping stone. To read more about this, see my article, “The Inadequacy of Being Merely a ‘Truther’” ].There is no doubt in my mind that David Icke is ‘controlled opposition’ — of which there are now many — a one-man MI5 counter-intelligence shill in savant clothing to lead seeking people ‘away with the fairies’ into fantasies about shape-shifting “lizard people” and the big lies inherent in neo-Gnostic teachings. As the late ‘old-school’ conspiracy researcher, Alan Watt, rightly put it:

“MI5 and MI6 have a place outside The Cotswolds where they train people to go out into the world and create mysticism and confusion. And Aleister Crowley was one of the first men they sent out there to set up the OTO, The Ordo Templi Orientis, a higher Masonic group, which most people in Hollywood join and most musicians join, and they followed him [Crowley] up with many others, since. Now David Icke took everyone else’s work who’d done the real investigations. He shot to the top. All the doors opened for him. You couldn’t buy that kind of publicity unless someone gave the nod at the top. It costs millions just to publicize him and he became a superhero, leads all the people using all of this information of other authors, and then leads you off like the pied piper in a circle to the lizard people, and all of those authors in the backs of his book are now ridiculed into the same place that he’s taken you: that’s called “counter-intelligence”… I’m sure he knows exactly what he’s doing”. [This is an excerpt from a video on “David Icke and Counterintelligence Operatives”, in which the late Alan Watt is calling out David Icke as being an asset or agent of MI5/MI6, the British intelligence services. (MI5 is the UK equivalent of the FBI; MI6 is the UK equivalent of the CIA). The link is here: ].

I felt compelled to share this about Icke in the middle of a section about mind-control through hallucinogens, which he is also advocating through Ayahuasca. It is a major element in the waylaying of people to prevent them from growing in real knowledge and truth and instead leading them down a dark rabbit-hole. It involves modern shills teaming up with ancient shamans to hijack the mass of minds — satanic religion from olden days to the present. This is why I feel moved to share this. There are now so many ‘controlled opposition’ shills in the shadows of the internet spewing out disinformation mingled with enough truth to make them seem credible. People need to be hugely vigilant; but their prejudices can prevent them from being so.

Readers can come to their own conclusions about the real aims of these Ayahuasca retreats in the dark agenda of the demonic realm. Retreat attendees regularly describe staying in the midst of representations of multiple Peruvian deities while imbibing the psychotropic beverage. Mark my words: Ayahuasca is a pathway to spiritual ruin — either by being lulled into a false sense that one is ‘evolving’ and becoming more “spiritual” (when one is really being profoundly influenced by, and opened up to demonic entities), or through entering a nightmarish hell from which there is no escape.

In this respect, I was not shocked to discover that one of the principal organizers of Ayahuasca retreats in Peru, Malcolm Rossiter, Director of “Blue Morpho”, who had years of experience as a shaman, tragically decided to take his own life in November 2018. Please be aware that I am not at all gloating about this, as I would never do such a thing; for it is tragic. I am simply sharing it as a heartbreaking and salutary lesson to dissuade readers from indulging in this hyper-trendy drug, which will either suck you into a world of demonic influence (which deceptively feels sooo wonderful and enlightening!) or it will back you into a nightmare of madness, a huis clos of excruciating psychic pain which will overturn your existence.

Malcolm Rossiter’s Facebook profile, still open, announced it like this: “It is with great sadness that I am ending my existence on this earth. I am energetically backed into a place I envision not returning from”. [See ]. That is New Age jargon for the fact that he had come face to face with the darkness which lies behind all shamanistic enterprise — a cul-de-sac from which there is no exit, if penetrated deeply enough. It is heart-rending to see comments under his announcement like, “If this happens to you, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

New Spirituality folks always romanticize (and gloss over) the religions of ethnic peoples without realising that prior to the coming of Christ almost the whole world was given over to satanic religious practices, which have now been portrayed as if they were true spirituality and incorporated into the New Age Movement, with participants all imagining this is the way to go.

Therefore, at this almost exact median point in this little book, before resuming our exploration of the ‘brave new world’ of mind-control under Aldous Huxley and the CIA’s involvement in distributing hallucinogens to fulfil its own agenda, in order to clarify why I should take issue with New Age and ethnic religions and the destructive nature of taking potions for the purposes of alleged ‘mind-expansion’, it would be prudent to insert here, as a kind of sidebar, a detailed excursus on “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present”. Then, hopefully, readers will understand my lack of leniency towards those influences. For all the subject matter in this book concerning intelligence services and mind-control is not taking place in a vacuum, but is symptomatic of the spiritual warfare being waged by the fallen archangel, Satan, and his demonic realm in order to install their usurped kingdom on earth, culminating in a one-world government headed up by the “man of lawlessness”, the Antichrist — thus bringing before you the central leitmotif that I mentioned right at the beginning of this book, which is, if you recall: “That everything written in this book concerning governance, politicking and other world developments is leading inexorably to the formation of the above-mentioned one-world government which will be headed up by that ‘world leader’ whom disciples of Christ will have no trouble identifying as the Antichrist”. So here is the excursus:


EXCURSUS: “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present”

This is a difficult truth for many, but all the world’s religions are a warped external parody of genuine inner spirituality. Their robes, rituals, chanting, idols, rosaries, prayer beads, oblations, animal and human sacrifices, superstitions, hierarchies, temples, etc., are outward tokens intended to provide a whiff of spirituality to the dead husk of religion. There are very many lovely people in the religious scene all over the world doing good, often in dangerous circumstances. But that is not because of their religion but because of their varying levels of internal light. The stark reality is that all religious enterprise outside of the Christ is ultimately going to be satanic because it denies the centrality of the Christ to the existence and continuation of this creation, and rejects the fact that He came as God manifested in the flesh to transform the world. That is the ‘spirit of the Antichrist’ right there.

“Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, and every spirit that does not confess Jesus has come in the flesh is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist” (First Letter of John, chapter 4, verses 2-3).

In contrast to that, the sacred texts say of the Christ: “All things were created through Him and for Him. He is before all things, and in Him all things hold together” and “in Christ all the fullness of the Deity dwells in bodily form” (Letter to the Colossians, chapter 1, verses 16-17; chapter 2, verse 9). All religious enterprise which operates outside of that knowledge nullifies human regeneration through the Holy Spirit, and it contradicts the Divine restoration of all things through a supreme act of recreation into a wholly new unfallen cosmos. Here is the terrible Truth spoken by Christ Himself concerning all the teachers and gurus from the past who have claimed ‘messiahship’ or who have not led people in the direction of Christ as the promised Saviour: “All who came before Me were thieves and robbers” (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 8).

Until Christ was revealed, with few exceptions, darkness reigned over the earth in great measure, the legacy of the Fall. Since that Fall, initiated by the fallen archangel, Satan — as recorded in the Book of Genesis, chapter 3 — satanic religious pursuits came to be the dominant influence in the world. All the various kingdoms of the world — from Mesopotamian and Sumerian to Babylonian, Assyrian, Grecian and Roman — have been satanic in their predatory, plundering vision under corrupt self-deifying leaders, priests, generals and emperors; while their religious activities were full of superstition, idolatry, sorcery, temple prostitution, and even human and child sacrifice. This was also the case in lesser empires, such as Aztec and Mayan, the latter of which is considered to be hyper-trendy in New Age circles, despite the fact that Mayan children would be killed in sacrifice and thrown into cenotes (waterholes) in little pieces in order to appease the ‘gods’ for the harvest — the same cenotes today in which New Age folks love to swim to plug into the Mayan ‘energies’.

It is trendy in the New Age scene and ‘woke’ thinking to put ancient ethnic religious practices on a pedestal and romanticize them (Satan’s little trick to blind you to their evil). But there was nothing noble or romantic about them whatsoever. They were gross manifestations of darkness utilizing sorcery and magic arts; but it takes a cleansed heart to see that and to acknowledge it.

Until the coming of Christ, Satan had been “the ruler of this cosmos” as usurper for an exceedingly long time — right from the Fall at the beginning of human history. Christ’s coming was to evict Satan from that position, which was why He said shortly before His death, “Now is the judgement on this world. Now the ruler of this world [i.e. Satan] will be cast out” (First Letter of John, chapter 3, verse 8b; Gospel of John, chapter 12, verse 31). Thus, the major religious and spiritual influences throughout history have been largely under Satan’s domain as humans sought warped ways to make sense of their alienation from the Divine in this world. All the idolatry, false gods, sorcery, human and even child sacrifice, priestcraft, temple prostitution, wacky mythologies through the ages across the globe, with vast war campaigns carried out in their name by emperors who even demanded divine worship of themselves, have plainly been under Satan’s instigation — avatars of Satanism posing as religion and empire — right through to the present day. All those idols! People made their gods as projected images of their own twisted fears, desires and superstitions. Or they deified themselves (as do all those today who follow in their footsteps). Satan’s perfect work. This is why serpent-worship has been so prevalent in so many ancient religions. That is the symbol of Satan and those religions were his babies.

All that satanic mess of religion has been continued today in the vast number of occulto-magical offerings in the spiritual scene — especially the New Age and shamanistic strains. In this sense, we can also include all religions (including the false-church version of “Christianity”) as varying forms and degrees of Satanism, for they fulfil Satan’s ambition to keep people ignorant about the true Christ while, at the same time, imagining they are becoming “enlightened” or, in the case of false disciples of Christ, deluding themselves that they are “loved by Jesus” or that they are “moving in the Spirit”.

In his warped wisdom, Satan has provided a religion to suit everyone, according to their cultural bents and personal tastes. For, if I may put it like this, most people choose the religion which best suits their personality disorder, personal and cultural idiosyncrasies and social status. Their religious choices are therefore merely a subjective extension of their egos rather than an engagement with the challenge of objective truth. Raging, sexually-repressed people will go for the religions with a fundamentalist dogma. The more liberal ‘bypassing’ types who are sitting on a pile of dark anger but want to disguise it with an outward cloak of smiling benevolence and repressive pseudo-calmness will go for Buddhism and Zen or wishy-washy liberal mainstream or Evanjellycal style of “Christianity”. [I call them ‘Evanjellycal’ rather than Evangelical because of the way that they wobble around like a jelly about everything, fail to stand up unequivocally for truth and light, always sit on the fence and exercise compromised hyper-diplomacy instead of clearly ‘calling a spade a spade’ — all of this being done to show how ‘super-tolerant’, ‘reasonable”, and ‘loving’ they are, “just like Jesus” (so they falsely think)]. The hordes of poor people who need a load of amulets, rosaries/prayer beads, statues, priestcraft, superstitions, worthless mythology, comforting afterlife fantasies about reincarnation or purgatory, idols, gods and goddesses, will go for Hinduism or Vatican-style ‘Marian’ Catholicism. Intellectuals who believe that organised religion is beneath them and who want to feed their egos with notions of penetrating realms normally hidden from the masses will go for Theosophy, Anthroposophy or neo-Gnostic Alice Baileyism. Trendy fashionistas who want to convince their egos that they are more spiritual than any of the rest (yet who also want to make loadsamoney out of it) will go for New Ageism, pseudo-shamanism, yoga and meditation (all of which, through spiritual bypassing, also mask a mass of unresolved baggage). There is something for every surfer on Satan’s religious or super-spiritual smorgasbord!

Going through the Old Testament, we find that even in the midst of all the horrific bloodbaths and religious darkness of the satanized kingdoms and religions, there was always a minority of humble, faithful seekers who eschewed the prevailing Satanism which surrounded them and were filled with Light and “looking forward to the city with firm foundations, whose architect and builder is God” (Letter to the Hebrews, chapter 11, verse 10. This was also Paul’s reasoning when he told the people of Athens about the “unknown god” whom they worshipped: “What you worship without knowing it, this I proclaim to you”, Book of Acts, chapter 17, verse 23. He was completing their inadequate light). That “city” (which is symbolically spiritual rather than of earthly origin) was known as “Zion” in the Old Testament (which would be established by Messiah) and “the New Jerusalem” in the New Testament [The spiritual word “Zion” has been hijacked by people calling themselves Jews today who do not believe the Messiah has come and who have put all their hope in an earthly territory called Israel. Even many so-called ‘Christians’ revere Israel and support its atrocities. To read more about this, see my article, “Abraham our Father: Jerusalem our Mother” ].

This was the case right from the beginning, although always very much a minority in the midst of the web of satanic religion which stretched across the globe and which, in Noah’s time, had become so downright evil that the judgement of the flood was pronounced. Later, into the midst of the resurfaced evil, we had the ancient nation of Israel instituted by God to be an example of His spirituality and obedience to His will — as opposed to all the other nations who were steeped in satanic darkness. However, even though the people of Israel were clearly shown how to be ‘in sync’ with the Divine, the majority of them kept rebelling and apostatized while a comparative few (including the prophets) remained faithful and were persecuted by the apostates. The history recounted in the Old Testament shows this over and over again.

Thus, by the time that the Christ finally came, Messianic expectation was huge. Yet, the divide between the faithful and the unfaithful continued to play itself out in the responses of the people to His coming. There were those materialists in Israel (the majority) who had no understanding of spiritual light (just like in so much of the visible church today), and who wanted Messiah to come merely in order to liberate them from the Romans, in the manner of a fancy king, a majestic earthly figurehead. Then there were those (very much the minority) who understood Messiah in a spiritual way as being the one who would restore the universe from its satanic stranglehold into a new universe wherein no darkness remained — the ultimate manifestation of the kingdom of God, exactly as predicted in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 65, verse 17: “Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind”.

From the coming of the Christ, His resurrection and ascension, until now, despite the fact that Christ won a victory over Satan and his demonic cohorts, that satanic religion of the past has continued unabated and has even developed new forms. Whereas in ancient times it was sufficient to inveigle the people with satanic religious cultic practices, Satan is now far more subtle in his strategies, for he is looking towards the time when his kingdom-building will give way to a global government over which his own man will preside.

As the population of the world has hugely grown over the past two thousand years and technology has advanced along with many potentially-destructive scientific discoveries, Satan has been at the heart of those areas using them for his own kingdom building. Thus, all political/governmental developments have been secretly machinated by human cabals under guidance of demonic direction, either wittingly or unwittingly. Satanic religion today is not about bowing before wood and stone idols or sacrificing children to Molech or whomever, as it was in the ancient past, but it is now about giving one’s allegiance to leaders, experts, scientists, gurus, and others who have a satanic agenda — a development which will build up to the formation of a global government under a leader who will be Satan’s own man for the job. That allegiance is the real ‘mark of the beast’, as I have shown in previous articles [see, e.g., ].For the new interfaith religion of the world is “let’s all come together in peace and unity”, but imagining they can do that without acknowledging the One who created the world and still continuing in narcissistic endeavour and complete disregard for God’s laws.

Over against all that, throughout this age, since the time of the ascension of Christ, souls are being called out of this world to be His disciples. People may say they are following the Light or are ‘lightworkers’, but one’s understanding of the Light of God and the way it has dealt with (and is still dealing with) the darkness of Satan can only really be fully understood through a knowledge of Christ and His unique work in the cosmos. To know Christ is to have a fuller understanding of spiritual realities than is possible through any other means. If anyone has some light, it is only because it has been imparted by the Spirit of Christ in the first place.

I have known a number of people who have said that they would prefer to stick with their present teacher or guru, whom they claim has been ‘enlightened’, rather than learn more about Christ; to which I always reply: “If you believe that, then why hang around with the monkey when you can enjoy the fellowship of the Organ-Grinder Himself?” Christ is the real thing. Gurus who do not acknowledge Christ as God uniquely manifested in the flesh are just pretenders, thieves of your soul and robbers of your future telling you about what amounts to an unattainable ‘enlightenment’ — the ultimate satanic ruse to befuddle those who are seeking truth.

Then there are those who have said to me: “But why do I have to be a disciple of Christ? If I love the Light and reject darkness, isn’t that good enough? What’s all this stuff about Christ?” This is precisely why I write what I do: To show how Christ is the centrepiece of everything. The Light would not exist without Him, for He IS the Light!

I do believe that it is still absolutely possible to follow the Creator, love the Light and reject the darkness, waiting on His leading and watching out for what He reveals, if one has never heard about Christ — being a kind of ‘disciple-in-waiting’, as it were, lacking full knowledge yet still having one’s heart in the right place. In this way, one would still be received by God as if one is a disciple of Christ, for Christ is that Light. But when one loves Light, eschews darkness, and hears about Christ, thus receiving the fuller understanding, the fulfilment of it, it is as if something within has silently and irreversibly fallen into place. It is as if one is receiving primordial knowledge that one feels one must surely have known already. If one loves the Light and rejects darkness, then one will in fact rejoice to hear about Christ and will be filled with love for Him and feel fulfilled to know that Christ’s Spirit indwells the one who loves the Light (Gospel of John, chapter 10, verses 4 & 14). By that stage, one will realise that one has really been a disciple of His all along. It is as if the long-awaited teaching has finally arrived. The knowledge of Christ is the ‘missing link’, that final piece of the jigsaw puzzle, in the profound quest for the Light.

So do not be seduced into believing the spiritual-chic jive about ethnic religions. All that idolatry, superstition, magic and mumbo-jumbo has to go, if one wants to be cleansed. The pathway to spiritual truth is not through some attachment to superstition, or some kind of mystical but unattainable “enlightenment”, or the achievement of ‘personal divinity’, for these are illusions hatched by the demonic realm to fool the seeker unawares. I have watched people chase those elusive (and illusive) goals through their entire lives, always imagining that they are on the verge of achieving something. But it is all a chimera designed to lock you into an unfruitful lifetime pursuit that can never be achieved and can only lead to personal spiritual ruin.

True spirituality is not about a nebulous ‘enlightenment’ or the delusion of achieving godhood but is about submission to a higher being than oneself; and that higher being is one’s Creator. Submission is almost a curse-word for many today, especially for neo-Gnostic folks who revel in their imagined personal divinity and see themselves as ‘God’ or striving to be that. But when one willingly submits oneself to discipleship to Christ, a whole new realm opens up and one becomes adopted into the family of God and a harbinger of the future new creation. [It might be worth reading, as this point, my recent article, “Knowledge Which Has Deliberately Been Kept From You” ]. For the disciple of Christ is certainly a “partaker in the divine nature”, receiving all the benefits of being no longer alienated from God; but disciples are never partakers in the actual divine essence. For that is what marks out the vital difference between the so-called ‘New Spirituality’ of the neo-Gnostic and pure discipleship to the Christ. Being a servant of God and disciple of Christ is infinitely more spiritual than foolishly imagining one has ‘found one’s personal divinity’. The former is a Divine gift while the latter is a satanic delusion.

This excursus has been shoehorned into this book to give the spiritual background to all that is being written up in it, so that readers will have a context for my findings, statements and conclusions. I do not want this work to be a dry rehashing of conspiracies. But, rather, I want it to open the door to a deeper understanding of world events and show how they are intimately related to spirituality and the ancient battle between light and darkness.


Now to return to looking into the role of Aldous Huxley, his CIA and other reprehensible connections, plus the role he played in proselytizing hallucinogens as the answer to the world’s problems. For, ironically, the blissed-out druggie “Soma” dystopia he lampooned in his book “Brave New World” is the very world that he was himself advocating!

Alan Morrison


[The above is an extract from my recent book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA & Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, & the Use of Religion & Cults as Tools of the New World Order”. You can download the entire 212-page book (now on v.1.8) free of charge from this link: ]



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