Below is a brief extract from my recent book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times”. In the book, the extract is an “Excursus” entitled, “The Cult of Subjectivism vs The Truth Which Sets You Free”, giving three case studies to demonstrate the difference. A link to the whole book is at the foot of the extract].

AT THIS POINT IN OUR EXPLORATIONS, it would be prudent to write a few words as another Excursus about why the phenomena we have just explored in the previous section should happen at all. If we understood the reasons behind the development of religion and phony spirituality, we would be far less easily taken in by them.

Obviously, one of the reasons for these phenomena is that people are seeking in some kind of way — even if it is only to be distracted from the humdrum patterns of everyday life. Some are more serious, therefore their involvement with those phenomena will be a temporary distraction through which they have to pass before they can stabilize into true spirituality. I have experienced the difference between those two types, the dilettante and the serious. The former will become defensive and even vicious if they read my writings. The latter will be inquisitive and want to know more. However, by far the biggest reason for these phenomena is that most people in this world are influenced according to their subjective experience. It is all about them and a feel-good factor rather than finding comfort and faith in the purity of objective truth. Let us look at some typical examples of this phenomenon in three case studies:

CASE #1: “As I entered the vast cathedral, a choir was singing the Miserere by Gregorio Allegri and I was immediately overcome by a sense of the presence of God”.

Here the person imagines that the understandable awe at the architectural achievement of the edifice and the audio-reverb of the choir echoing around the rafters signifies the presence of God. There is no doubt whatsoever that a vast cathedral can be awe-inspiring and Allegri’s Miserere is a very beautiful piece of music which can instill a sense of peace in the listener. But neither of those things are in themselves exclusive indicators of ‘the presence of God’. Of course, God is surely present in that cathedral, but He was also present in that muddy puddle which you stepped in (and bitterly cursed) on the way to the cathedral, for God is omnipresent. You do not have to visit a cathedral or listen to Allegri for God to be present. You are confusing the release of dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins in your body with the presence of God. For those are all released when listening to fine music (and even more so when singing it). Essentially, your quasi-religious experience in the cathedral was based on pure subjectivism rather than objective reality. When you can laugh instead of curse when you step in a muddy puddle, knowing that God is right in there too, then you will have a better understanding of the presence of God — one which is rooted in objective truth rather than in mere subjective experience, as I will show below.

CASE #2: “As the pastor tapped my forehead with his hand and spoke in tongues over me, I felt the Holy Spirit enter me and my knees went weak and I collapsed in a heap on the floor as if I were drunk. From then on, I believed”.

I can assure you that this had nothing whatsoever to do with the Holy Spirit entering you, but was simply the result of hypnotic suggestion. You had seen the pastor performing this trick many times and watched all the people go down like ninepins under his hand. You knew what you had to do. So you were already primed like a clockwork toy for this to happen to you, too. I have seen exactly the same trick performed by Eastern gurus such as Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh — a hedonistic charlatan who changed his name to OSHO, and whose ashram was known to have been infiltrated by the CIA [see ]. [See the photo attached to this piece comparing the charismatic “Christian” practice of being “slain in the spirit” and OSHO’s administration of the same devilish initiation]. And, no, that was not a ‘counterfeit of the Christian experience’ as until the charismatic movement came along no God-respecting pastor would entertain such stupidity with the people in his care. These are satanic tricks to inculcate the illusion of genuine spirituality, yet they are taken as normal in so many churches today. It is merely one more example of subjective experience being used falsely as a yardstick to trounce the objective power of God.

You say that from that phony experience onward you believed. Believed what? That a pastor can ‘zap’ you into imagining you have been indwelt by the Holy Spirit of God? The Holy Spirit is described as the One to “whom God has given to those who obey Him” (Book of Acts, chapter 5, verse 32). Being ‘zapped’ by a huckster pastor (like in the image above) does not constitute obedience to God. The same idea of preliminary obedience is present when Jesus said to His disciples, “If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Advocate to be with you forever — the Spirit of truth” (Gospel of John, chapter 14, verses 15-17). So, keeping His commandments. There is yet another preliminary element as well. It is what is conveyed in the Koine Greek word μετανοέω, metanoeó, which is often translated as “repent” but in the Greek it fully means vowing to live a totally different life, with a completely transformed mind, turning your back on your former ways (Book of Acts, chapter 2, verse 38). That vow of transformation, coupled with obedience to Christ and keeping His commandments, are what gives rise to the Holy Spirit coming into a person and ‘taking up residence’ there. That is objective truth in action. I do not see any of that present in your unfortunate subjective experience at the hands of that impostor who laid his filthy hands on you. So now you know what to do if you are serious about being Christ’s disciple and wanting to receive His Holy Spirit: Obey God, love Christ and keep His commandments.

CASE #3: “As I listened to the Tibetan singing bowls ringing out, I felt a sense of deep relaxation and amazing things happening inside my body. The vibrations resonated with my energies and I felt myself align with my higher self, the God within”.

I am sorry to tell you that what you experienced was mostly the placebo effect coupled with a reduction in your stress-inducing cortisone levels and an enhancement of the same hormones I mentioned above in relation to music-listening, which brings feelings of relaxation that those hooked on subjective experience translate as a higher spiritual phenomenon. New Age practices are predominantly emotional/ hormonal highs involving autohypnotism to induce an altered state of consciousness, making the experiencer confuse that with some kind of spiritual occurrence. Getting ‘blissed-out’ has nothing to do with true spirituality. It is instead a self-indulgent practice which has been mistaken for spiritual advancement. The demonic realm uses subjective experiences to deceive you into imagining that you are advancing spiritually and to deflect you from discovering the objective truth which will set you free. Like the ‘slain in the spirit’ experience of “Christians”, New Age folks have been programmed about what will happen when they undergo various ‘therapies’. It is entirely subjective, which is the axis on which all New Age workshops and experiences turn. New Age religion dines on a smorgasbord of subjectivism, which is just another form of narcissism.

(NB: I should also add that the illusion of “the God within” is another lie sold to you courtesy of the demonic realm. I have already addressed this lie in full in earlier sections of the book, especially in the Excursus on “The Thread of Satanic Religion from Antiquity to the Present”].

I could share many more cases, but I hope the point has been made. It is not on any subjective physical or emotional experiences that a disciple should base his or her sense of peace but, rather, on the objective fact of having been reconciled to God through Christ, exactly as promised in the sacred texts to those who align themselves with the will of God. There is a vast difference between ‘feelings’ of peace and actually knowing that peace has been forged. The first is an artificial peace based on subjective experience, while the latter is a true peace rooted in the objective work of Christ. The world will offer you an earthbound peace which will either be the space between two wars or the illusion of bliss (cf. Gospel of John, chapter 14, verse 27). But Christ will bring about an actual condition of peace which is permanent and spiritual — a state which persists even in times of affliction and regardless of how ‘good’ or ‘bad’ we may feel. Subjective experience is not a litmus test of spiritual truth. As Jesus said to His disciples, “Do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven” (Gospel of Luke, chapter 10, verse 20). That is objective truth!

The visible “Church” is now in the throes of a major time of sifting as a result of Divine judgment, in which there is increasingly a visible separation into two distinct kinds of gatherings — one true, the other false. The true Ekklesia consists of disciples who are naturally and effortlessly obedient (and love to be so) to the teachings of Christ and the Apostles, who establish their gatherings through healthy teaching, who base their salvation on what Christ did in space, time and history, and who are willing to lay down their lives in order to defend the truth. The false ‘Church’, on the other hand, consists of those whose ‘Christianity’ is based on personal revelations, fashionable ideas, and cleverly manipulated subjective religious experiences. The one is obedient to the revealed will of God, the other is manipulated by the forces of darkness.

This is why I have entitled this excursus “The cult of subjectivism vs the truth which sets you free”. The false ‘Church’ indulges in the former, whereas the true Ekklesia rejoices in the latter. When Jesus wanted to finger some people who had falsely claimed to believe in Him, He uttered these all-important words: “If you continue in My word, you are truly My disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 31-32). Those people then went on to show their true colours. Objective truth, spiritually speaking, involves knowing the truth which sets one free; and the only way to know that is to live your life according to Christ’s word and thereby to truly be His disciple. When you live according to Christ’s word, you know for sure that He cast out Satan from his usurped rulership of the world when He died and rose again and ascended to heaven. It is recorded… objectively. That is it. All your subjective experiences are meaningless spiritually — mere shiny dross on the stinking carcass of life in this corrupted fallen world. But living in the knowledge that Christ, through His death, resurrection and ascension, has cleared the way for you to overcome spiritual death and to be freed from living a life of moral failure is the truth that makes you free. This is in complete contrast to the prevailing cult of subjectivism (and it IS a cult!) which is not only the basis of New Age and other merely religious experience, but has now also become the dominant yardstick in so many churches.

Finally, we cannot ignore the fact that the visible church has become a hotbed of infiltrators and even spooks (as we have seen in previous sections of this book) who have crept in, influencing people with phenomenal, entirely subjective experiences to distract them from ‘the simplicity which is in Christ’ and what should constitute the true regeneration (and, ultimately, resurrection) of a human being. What we mostly have now representing “the Church” in the world is a hotch-potch of crazy subjectivist ideas which have initiated movements, megachurches and ministries influencing millions upon millions of gullible folks with fantasies and fallacies that beggar belief. During the coming years, or however long remains of this present evil age, that ‘hotch-potch’ of crazy subjectivism (which is essentially a lie) will massively increase and the love of truth will decrease commensurately, climaxing in the time when they will have “refused the love of the truth that would have saved them” (Second Letter to the Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 10). Until people learn the difference between the cult of subjectivism and the objective truth which sets them free, they will continue to be inveigled by strange teachings and practices which are very far removed from truth.

Alan Morrison

[The above is an extract from my recent 210-page book, “Discerning the Signs of the Times: The CIA and Subversion through Mind-Control, Satanism, Sorcery, and the Use of Religion and Cults as Tools of the New World Order”. You can download it for free here:…/new-book-discerning…/ ].

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